Directed Meditation

John Bates Childress

When his father was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer John knew he had to quit after smoking for 20 years. But didn't know how, so at the recommendation of a friend he turned to a hypnotist for help and walked out of her office a non-smoker.

Several years later John's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.  After watching both of his parents battle cancer John was inspired to learn hypnosis to help others. He originally studied hypnosis at the Mottin and Johnson Institute and was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

A meditative approach to hypnosis for healthier, happier and more productive living. 

If you are looking to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce anxiety and manage stress
  • Cope with life threatening or chronic illness
  • Change unproductive or annoying habits
  • Overcome phobias

Directed Meditation can help you achieve your goals in a quick, powerful and meaningful way.

Directed Meditation is a program designed by John Bates Childress that integrates the use of meditation, visualization, and language patterns with hypnosis in order to achieve a predetermined outcome.  

For more information on how Directed Meditation can help you, contact John Bates Childress using this site's contact form.